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Keeping Your Family Fire Safe

A smoke detector can be one of the most important investments for your home. It has the ability to protect you and your loved ones if the unthinkable was to happen. It is important that the right smoke detector type is installed, that it is properly installed, and that is it in good working order. It is also important to test your smoke alarms on a regular basis and change batteries yearly.

The number of smoke detectors required in your home will depend on the size of your home. It is important that smoke detectors are placed where they will be of most use, for example in central living areas and in sleeping rooms. It is also important that smoke detectors are placed on each level of your home. If you have a new home, there should already be smoke detectors installed - however it is important to double check that your protection is adequate. Make sure there are enough and that they are the right type. If you are unsure, have a conversation with a licensed electrician.

Testing your detectors every few months is important. Don’t assume that batteries will last a few years - in fact, we encourage you to put fresh batteries in yearly. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service recommends changing batteries on April 1st. Click on the link to read more about the importance of smoke alarms.

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Installation of the right type of smoke alarm is crucial. When we sleep, our senses also sleep, which means that you may not smell smoke and wake up. Having photoelectric smoke alarms installed can protect you while you are asleep. Photoelectric smoke alarms see the smoke and will alert you to the danger. Having smoke alarms interconnected also means that you will be alerted no matter when or where a fire breaks out.

Another factor to consider when thinking of keeping your family and home safe against fire is appliances and overloading sockets/power boards. Overloaded power boards are one of the biggest risk factors for fires in homes - and it is easily prevented. Just because a power board has 6 sockets available, doesn’t mean you should plug in 6 cords. Power boards have a maximum load printed on the back. It is important that you never overload the board as this can pose a fire and personal safety risk. Instead, consider having additional power points installed.

Talk about your fire escape plan with your family. Make sure that you have talked about how to get out of your home if a fire was to break out in different locations. Discuss safe evacuation with your children, show them how to call 000 and practise reciting your address with them.

Legislation around smoke alarms can affect us differently depending on whether we are a home owner, landlord, tennant, or renovator. It is important to make sure that you are aware of your obligations. Finding out where you stand is as easy as visiting the QFES website. If you need smoke alarms installed, make contact with us today!

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Why We NEED Safety Switches

FACT: 15 people are killed in Australian homes every year in preventable electrical accidents where no safety switch is installed

FACT: 300 people are hospitalised every year with serious electrical injuries and burns.


Having safety switches installed saves lives. It’s that simple. When something goes electrically wrong in your home, having a safety switch installed can be the difference between life and death.

A safety switch is a device that is designed to cut power to an electrical circuit when there is an electrical fault or leak. It cuts power in 0.03 seconds. This is fast enough that the person doesn’t have time to get electrocuted.

What Causes an Electrical Accident?

There can be many different causes of electrical accidents in the home. A handyman drilling through a live wire inside a wall, a child putting something into a power socket, changing a light globe on a fault light fitting, a faulty appliance or damaged cord. Electricity is all around us and while most of the time it makes life easier, it can take just seconds for a life and death situation.

Do I Have Safety Switches Installed?

A safety switch is also called Residual Current Device (RCD) and can be recognised by the button marked ‘test’ on the front. This helps to distinguish it from a circuit breaker, which looks similar. Many homes have circuit breakers installed, however these only protect against overloading and short circuits. Circuit breakers are good, however they do not provide enough electrocution protection. It takes just 30 milliamps to trip a safety switch, compared to 16 amps for a circuit breaker on a power circuit. This can be the difference between life and death. If you are unsure about whether you have safety switches, or you need them installed, it is important to contact your Gold Coast licensed electrician.

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image: pinterest

Having safety switches installed in your home is crucial for ensuring the safety of the inhabitants. The long term benefits provided by safety switches far outweighs the price tag. It is important that we see them as a necessary investment in our safety. Contact your Gold Coast licensed electrician regarding safety switches in your home.

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Electricity Saving Tips for Winter

Even though, living on the Gold Coast, we are in a warmer part of Australia, we have all started to feel it recently… winter is coming. The approach of winter can cause anxiety for many of us because we know that the cold weather means heating and heating can be expensive. So, with that in mind, we have put together this article to help you to take steps to take control of your wallet and reduce the costs of keeping your home warm this winter.

1. Cook!

Sounds weird, we know! But, think about how warm your kitchen and living area becomes when you cook. Cooking is a great way to warm the air in living areas - plus you get to eat something delicious at the end - win, win! With supervision, you could even leave your oven open for a few minutes after cooking, allowing the heated air to escape. You have already paid to heat the oven - you may as well make the most of the heated air.

2. Trap The Heat..

Having your home properly insulated can make a huge difference to how well your home can hold warmth.

Close curtains and blinds as the sun goes down. This keeps the warmth from afternoon sun in and cuts down on the cool night air that can enter. As the air outside cools, the glass in windows also gets cold. Closing windows and blinds forms a barrier so that the cold air is not able to enter as easily.

Adding bookshelves or artworks to solid brick walls can also help to insulate and trap heat.

Adding ‘door snakes’ to doors that lead outside can cut down on cold draughts from entering the room, further trapping the warmth inside.

3. Think Flooring…

You may have noticed that rooms with carpet seem warmer. This is because carpet offers insulation, further trapping heat. If you have tiles, floorboards, stone or exposed concrete, you may find warming a room more difficult. Adding rugs and mats can make a huge difference - yes they can be an investment, but in the long run, they can be much kinder on your wallet!

image :  freedom

image : freedom

4. Shut the Door!

If you are not using a room for the night, shut the door. This means that you are able to more efficiently warm your home, putting energy only into the spaces where you need it.

5. Heating…

Heaters are absolutely a great way to heat your home, however it is important to use them effectively so that they are able to run most efficiently.

Turn heaters off when you are not home - sounds obvious?! You would be surprised! Use a thermostat and set the temperature to 20 or 21 degrees. It might not sound warm enough, but this is actually the optimal heat for winter.

It is important to be aware that while electric heaters can be cheap to purchase, they can sometimes be more expensive to run for long periods.

Consider investing in a reverse cycle or ducted air conditioner if you are a home owner. While they can be slightly more costly at the beginning, they can heat an area quickly, efficiently and with relatively low power usage. Contact a licensed electrician to discuss your home’s suitability.


If you use your air conditioner for heating, set the timer. Having your heater come on 30 minutes before you wake up in the morning can make getting out of bed easier - and it makes it less tempting to blast the heater because you are feeling too cold! Likewise, if you arrive home in the evening, setting the timer so that it comes on half an hour before you arrive, you will be much more comfortable. Having a wifi controller added to your air conditioner can mean that you can turn your heating on before you get home if your schedule is less predictable.

While heating your home can seem expensive, implementing some of the ideas outlined in this article can make a definite impact. Making small changes can help your family to stay warm and snuggly this approaching winter.