Oxenford power points

Power Points with USB Chargers

Put your hand up if you are constantly looking for somewhere to charge your phone, ipad, tablet, GPS or some other device that needs a usb for charging? I know in our home it is a constant battle. While power points with usb points do not solve all of your problems (you might still be looking for cords), it certainly overcomes half the challenge!


Here on the Gold Coast, we have found a definite increase in requests for power point with usb charger outlets. There are multiple options available and we have licensed electricians available to discuss your needs with you.

A power point with USB charging outlets has standard 240V power sockets along with USB charging sockets. This allows you to plug in any type of USB device straight into a wall socket to charge at its maximum charging speed. These can be used in both your home and business.


Power points with usb charging sockets are easy to install and can be swapped for existing power points relatively easily. However, it is essential, like with any electrical work, that it is completed by a licensed electrician. At Affinity Electrical Services, we provide a simple all inclusive price for installation of a powerpoint/usb combination (includes labour and parts in one price) meaning that you can easily understand how much your new points will cost. Contact us now to get your new points booked in!


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