The Electrician's Wife 2

Today I am going to take a look at LED lights for you.

When we started thinking about switching our lights from halogen downlights to new LED downlights, I honestly didn’t think it was going to make that much of a difference. I thought our house was well lit but I was happy to go with a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient light.

After our lights were in, I was blown away by just how much brighter it was! I had clearly gotten used to cooking in what now seemed like darkness! The kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that I felt like the biggest difference was made. Cooking and food preparation in high quality light made a massive difference. I also feel like the LEDs made the house feel more fresh and modern.

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One of the things that impresses me most about the LED downlights that we use is that you can choose the colour of the light that is emitted from your downlights. Colour options are cool, daylight and warm. This means that you get to pick the type of light that suits your home and your taste… so versatile!

If you are considering changing your downlights for more energy efficient LEDs but are still not quite sure… here are another few things that impress me. The LED downlight is sealed - I love that there is no space around the downlight into the roof space (I always had visions of spiders or bugs sneaking through at night!), the light is flush mounted and very neat, they last far longer than their alternatives - no more changing of light globes, and they use less power - hello cheaper electricity bills!

If you are keen to find out more information about having LED downlights installed in your home, contact me through our website and I can get you organised!

Another type of LED lighting that I am loving at the moment is LED strip lighting. Strip lighting is such a beautiful way to add some feature lighting to your home. It can be added under kitchen bench tops, behind bathroom mirrors, under bathroom cabinets… the uses are endless! Like with LED downlights, you can choose the colour of the light emitted by your strip lighting - warm, cool or daylight.

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Spend some time trawling through Pinterest and instagram for inspiration… find what you like and then contact us with your ideas and we can help you make them real! Having pictures to talk about with our electricians is really helpful in having them understand what you are after - and how we can achieve your goal.

I hope that you are enjoying my non electrician blog pieces and that the less technical talk some times is helpful to you. If there is something special that you would like me to cover, please leave your ideas in the comments below.