Affinity Electrical Safety Tips

We share regular safety tips on our Affinity Electrical Instagram and Facebook pages to help you to have a healthy and safe relationship with electricity. As we are based on the Gold Coast, one of our missions is to help our fellow Gold Coasters to stay safe around electricity. Please feel free to like, comment or share.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 1:

When pulling plugs out of a power point, always pull out from the plug, not by pulling on the cord. Turn powerpoint off before removing a plug. This sounds simple but it can save a lot of grief and keeps cables in good, safe condition.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 2:

Power boards are useful! However, just because there are 6 outlets, it doesn’t mean that you should plug in 6 appliances. Each power board has a maximum load printed on the back. It is crucial that you pay attention to this and never overload your power board. Power boards and extension leads are useful, however if not used correctly, they can pose a fire or personal safety risk. Installation of additional power points is a much safer alternative.



Gold Coast Safety Tip 3:

Don't use any electrical appliances that have been wet or damaged. Have them checked by your licensed electrical contractor.
Smoke alarms are now required to be photoelectric. This type of smoke alarm senses smoke much faster than the old ionization type of smoke alarm. They are a requirement by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service in all homes. Check the QFES website for more info.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 4 

If entering your roof space, turn off all power to the property. There will be electrical cables in your ceiling. You may accidentally step on them or damage them.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 5:

Use only a licensed electrical contractor for your electrical work. You will not be covered by your insurance if anything goes wrong in your property related to electrical work if the works have not been completed by an electrical contractor.

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Gold Coast Safety Tip 6:

Light switches feel warm to the touch? You need to call a qualified, licensed electrician. Warm light switches can indicate circuits being over worked. They can also be a sign of much more sinister problems... which could result in fires. 🔥

Gold Coast Safety Tip 7: 

During festive times like Halloween and Christmas, you might be thinking about decorating your home with lights! It is absolutely essential to ensure that your lights are outdoor rated lights. It is also important to ensure that the 240v connections are housed in a weatherproof enclosure. Check that you have a safety switch on the power circuit that you use to protect the circuit from overload or possible fire. Have questions? Feel free to ask!

Gold Coast Safety Tip 8 

Look out for underground power lines. Know the location of any underground power lines before digging at your property. Call the Dial Before You Dig national referral service on 1100. Unfortunately we have been called out a few times now for people needing their power reconnected urgently after it has been cut while digging for home improvements. This can be a costly mistake which can be avoided by a phone call.

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Gold Coast Safety Tip 9:

Use bulbs that have the correct wattage requirements for each fixture – using a higher wattage bulb can cause the fixture to overheat (consider switching to more efficient compact fluorescent or LED lamps that provide the same level of light at a lower wattage level)

Gold Coast Safety Tip 10:

It is important that you make sure every member of your household knows how to manually turn off the electricity to your house in case of an emergency. Discuss possible scenarios where turning off power might be necessary.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 11:

While it might be tempting to save a few bucks and just “do it yourself” when it comes to electrical work, nearly all electrical problems require a qualified and licensed electrician to solve them. This ensures work is safe and reliable.

An average of 15 people are killed and a further 300 hospitalised in preventable electrical accidents each year in Australia.

Contact us with your electrical needs and we can sort you out!

Gold Coast Safety Tip 12:

Every home should have a safety switch. If your home does not have one, contact a licensed Electrician and have one installed as soon as possible. These devices are cheap, simple to install, and save lives each year.

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Gold Coast Safety Tip 13:

During storm season, some tips that you can follow to help keep you and your family safe include:

- Ensure mobile phone batteries are fully charged and have a landline phone ready.

- Turn off and unplug electrical appliances such as TV, DVD or VCR aerial cables.

- Stay well away from fallen powerlines. Always assume they are 'live' and dangerous. Report them immediately to Triple Zero (000).

- Take extra care around your switchboard if it's outside and wear synthetic or rubber-soled shoes. If you are in any doubt about the switchboard's safety, stay clear and call your licensed electrical contractor.

- Don't use any electrical appliances that have been wet or damaged. Have them checked by your licensed electrical contractor.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 14: 

We can not express just how important it is to teach your children to respect electricity and how to keep themselves safe. Some safety tips that you can teach your children might include: - Never put drinks on top of your video game console or other electrical devices.

- Stay away from power lines. Never climb trees near power lines or touch power lines if they fall.

- Don’t use kites, balloons or remote-controlled drones or planes near power lines.

- Never use electrical appliances if you’re wet, standing in water or near water.

- Don’t put objects containing metal in the microwave. Watch out for gold-lined cups and plates as well as kitchen foil. -

- Be sure that you have safety switches installed (and be sure that they are tested regularly) they save lives!

Gold Coast Safety Tip 15:

The human body is a good conductor of electricity. That means electricity flows easily through our bodies. Why? Because electricity moves quickly through water - and the human body is 70 percent water!

Another fact to remember is that electricity always tries to find the easiest path to the ground.

Overhead electric lines may cause serious injury or death if contacted. Maintain safe distances from electric lines at all times. Avoid using ladders, poles or other tools in situations where they may come in contact with overhead lines. Adults should call the electric company if they need to work near lines.

See Allinta Kids for more info.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 16:

It is important to routinely check cords, outlets, switches and appliances for damage. Something doesn’t look right? Give us a call!



Gold Coast Safety Tip 17:

If an electrical fire occurs, avoid putting water on the flames. Adding water will further fuel the fire and could cause electrocution. Keep a fire extinguisher handy if you are worried about electrical fires. If you don’t have one nearby, turn off your electrical power, evacuate your home and call the fire brigade.

Gold Coast Safety Tip 18:

Warm outlets, burning smells, loose outlets are a sign that something dangerous is cooking. If you notice any of these signals, call in an expert immediately to avert trouble before it is too late. Make sure electrical appliances:

* Have proper plugs

* Have complete cords

* Meet safety standards

Gold Coast Safety Tip 19:

Many people think that there is no danger around lights, however they can still use electrocution. safety tips relating to lights:

- always turn the light switch off before replacing a bulb.

- never replace a light bulb or touch a light switch with wet hands

- always use a light bulb with the correct wattage to prevent overheating

- if painting a ceiling, do not remove the plate around the light, mask it instead

- if tiling around light fittings, have the plates removed by a licensed electrician

Gold Coast Safety Tip 20:

Did you know that entertainment and gaming units can produce a large amount of heat? It is important to ensure that they have proper space and ventilation around them and are never covered. Overheating can cause a very real fire danger.

We hope that the above tips have been useful for you. If there is anything electrical that you are unsure about, please contact us on 07 55736908 or through our website contact page. We look forward to working with you soon!

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